YuanaArt News

2022 Scholastic Art & Writing

2021 Virtual Class Accomplishments

2021 Congressional Art Competition, 3 winners & 4 honors

2021 Scholastic Art & Writing, 3 Gold and 8 Silver National Medalist

2021 YoungArts Winner!

2020 Celebrating Art Competition, 4 Students awarded TOP10

2020 Congressional Art 程源安老师2名学生荣获

2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 程源安老师学生荣获七枚国家金奖 (National Gold Medal), 两枚国家银奖(National Silver Medal)

191 幅作品获美术作品奖:  58 幅作品获金钥匙奖 Gold Key , 57 幅作品获银奖 Silver Key, 76 幅获优秀奖 Honorable Mention 


Celebrating Art Competition 2019 Fall 取得优异成绩 
* One Top Ten Winners
* 45 High Merit Entries



Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2019 评选揭晓

National Medalists: 5个金牌,3个银牌



Massachusetts and New Hampshire Regional Awards:

Gold Key 41; Silver Key 56; Honorable Mention 88.

美术教材 《昙花课集》,程源安著, 人民美术出版社, 将于近日发行。这本教科书是程老师在美国十几年美术教学的总结,借鉴中西方教学的不同特点,创新了适合儿童美术教育的独特方法, 在形状与颜色的相互关系中,表现来源于生活的创造力和想象力。




祝贺程源安老师学生 Christine Wang,  荣获 The National YoungArts Foundation (YoungArts) 荣誉奖!YoungArts 是美国中学生最高级别的美术比赛。The winners are eligible for nomination as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, one of the nation’s highest honors for high school students who exemplify academic and artistic excellence.

wangshihua1 wangshihua3.JPG wangshihua2

YuananArt accomplishment in 2018:

YoungArts 荣誉奖, 1 student

Congressional Art Competition, 2 students

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 8 National Medalists


Yuanan Art Student Awards Exhibit
( Cary Memorial Library Lexington, September to October)



Congressional Art Competition

程源安老师2名学生摘下2018 议会艺术奖! 


Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2018, National Medalists

全美中学生美术比赛国家金奖落下帷幕, 麻州/新布尔罕卅共评出 16 名绘画 ( Drawing and Illustration, Painting) 金奖,程源安老师学生荣获 8 枚国家金奖 Gold Medal;3枚国家银奖 Silver Medal

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2018, Regional 麻州/新布尔罕州

程源安老师学生132 幅作品获美术作品奖:
59 幅作品获金钥匙奖 Gold Key
49 幅作品获银奖 Silver Key
24 幅获优秀奖 Honorable Mention

IMG_9068.JPG IMG_9049.JPG

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