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Beijing HuTong Book

Beijing HuTong Book

程源安 Cheng Yuanan

旅居美国的华人美术教育家, 油画家, 著名北京胡同画家

Email: YuananArt@gmail.com
WeChat: tongwang629

Education: 1983年毕业于天津美术学院 (Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Art)

Awards (荣获)

2022, 2021, 2020, 2029, 2018, 2017,2016 Outstanding educator by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

2018年4月,世界日报报道“ 麻州16繪畫國家金獎 程源安學生摘8枚”

2013-2014 Distinguished Teacher Award by Chinese School Association in the Unite States

2007年油画作品《在人间》参加中国嘉德拍卖 (Participated “In the World” Art Auction at China Guardian)

2005年油画作品《蓝色交响曲》参加伦敦-索斯比拍卖 (Participated in Oil Painting Blue Symphony Art Auction in Sotheby, London)

2002年在美国 波士顿Alix Porras Art Gallery 举办画展 (Exhibited in Alix Porras Art Gallery in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, U S A)

2002年波士顿《环球日报》给以全面介绍 (Introduced in the Boston Globe)

2001年受聘河北大学艺术学院客座教授.( Was invited as Guest Professor for Art of Hebei University.)

2001年入美国肖像艺术家协会会员.( Member of American Portrait Association)

2001年在美国波士顿举办“北京胡同印象” 个人画展 (Held “Hutong Impression” exhibit in Boston, US A )


2001年被中国国际广播电台在《中国当代文化人物》节目中广泛介绍 (Introduced in China Radio International )

2000年在香港“世界画廊”举办北京胡同个人画展. (Solo exhibition held at Galerie du Monde in Hong Kong)

1999年参加中国青年艺术家赴欧考察团,同年受聘新加坡新神州艺术院高级荣誉顾问. (Participated in Chinese Youth Exploration Tour to Europe. Was invited as Senior Honorary Advisor at Xin-shenzhou Gallery in Singapore)

1998年油画作品《回归》被香港艺术馆收藏.( Oil painting Reunion was collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art).

1997年油画作品《蓝色交响曲》入选第二届中国油画静物展.( Oil Painting Blue Symphony was selected for the 2nd Chinese Oil Painting of Still Life Exhibition)

1995年油画作品《红旗》入选第一届中国油画静物展.( Oil Painting Red Flag was selected Annual for the 1st Chines Still Life Oil Painting  Exhibition)

1994年油画作品《长征》参加深圳“嘉德”油画拍卖.( Oil Painting Long March was              selected for the 1995 Spring Auction of Art held   In Shenzhen, china).

1993年在中国日报举办“北京胡同“个人画展.(  One-man show of Beijing hutong China Daily.)

1993年油画作品《娜塔莎》入选“93中国油画年展 “ (Oil Painting Natasha was selected for the 1993 Chinese Oil painting Annual Exhibition)

1986年《鹤的絮语》获全国工艺美术评比“希望杯“ 即设计一等奖.   (The Tapestry  work “Crane’s Chattering” was awarded the Cup of the Hope in the National Arts and Crafts Exhibition )

1984年参加全国首届艺术壁毯大展.  (Participated in the First National Tapestry Exhibition.)

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